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This is the privacy statement from Explect B.V.. When performing our work activities, we

process personal data. We attach great value to privacy and in this statement we

therefore explain about the manner in which we deal with personal data within our


Personal data

We receive your personal data because you use our services and/or because these are

actively provided to us by yourself or a third party. These data are then processed by us

in accordance with the applicable regulations and our privacy statement. All this for the

purpose of providing you with better service.

The personal data we process include the following:

= First name and family name

= Gender

= Date of birth

= Address

= Telephone number

= E-mail address

= IP address

= Other personal data you actively provide

= Information about your activities on our website

= Bank account number

Besides this, we process special personal data, which may include:

= Citizen Service Number (CSN)

We only process your personal data with your consent and/or because this is necessary

for the execution of an agreement with you and/or for compliance with a legal obligation

and/or for the protection of vital interests and/or for the performance of a task in the

general interest and/or to represent our legitimate interests.

We process your special personal data solely in so far as permitted by law.

We process your personal data, among other things:

= for our records;

= to inform you about our goods and services;

= to inform you about our promotions, events, etc.;

= to react to your questions, remarks, complaints, etc.;

= to enable delivery of our goods and services to you.

If we request your personal data, you will not be obliged to provide us with them.

However, if you do not provide us with the (full) data requested, this may negatively

impact our service to you.

We keep your personal data only for as long as this is necessary for the objectives as

referred to above. As soon as the objective is achieved, we aim to remove your data

from our records within 3 months.

Your personal data are not only used by us internally, if necessary to achieve the

aforementioned objectives we also share them with our suppliers and partners, with

whom we have concluded processing agreements. Unless we are legally obliged to do so,

we will not share your personal data with third parties for reasons outside the

aforementioned objectives. We do not have the right to sell your personal data on to

third parties.

Your personal data are stored by us within the EU and may be shared by us with

companies/institutions outside the EU.

We do not use automated decision-making and/or profiling. However, we will never base

decisions that may have great implications for you on automated decision-making and/or

profiling without human assessment.


We ensure that proper technical and organisational measures are in place to protect your

personal data, in accordance with the state of the art. These measures include (1) not

collecting any more data from you than actually required to achieve our objectives, (2)

internally restricting access to your data to those who actually require such access and

(3) externally ensuring proper physical and digital security of your data are in place.

External websites

Where we refer to other websites, we point out to you that they may apply different rules

regarding the processing of your personal data. You must verify the privacy policy of

each website for yourself, we bear no responsibility in this regard.


We use cookies on our website (= a small piece of data that is sent to and subsequently

stored on your computer. The information contained within can be sent back to our

servers on a next visit). More information about our cookies is available in our cookie


Your rights

If you wish, you may request to review your personal data (or receive a copy of these),

to rectify, supplement and/or wholly/partially delete or transfer to a third party (data

portability). You may also ask us to limit or stop the processing of your data. If

processing your data is based on your consent, you may revoke this consent. Except for

in case of special circumstances, this will be free of charge. You may contact our privacy

coordinator for all your requests. The privacy coordinator will handle your request and

inform you about the decision.

Questions, remarks and complaints

If you have any questions, remarks and/or complaints about this statement, our privacy

policy or the aforementioned requests, you may contact our privacy coordinator. If you

are dissatisfied with the manner in which your complaint is handled, you may turn to the

Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Contact privacy coordinator

Explect B.V.

Attn privacy coordinator

alexander bellstraat 16 3261 lx oud-beijerland

The Netherlands

As soon as we receive a message from you, we will confirm this to you. We subsequently

aim to send a reaction no later than within one month. In extraordinary situations, this

may extend to 3 months.

This version was drawn up on 03 January 2020. We reserve the right to un ilaterally

amend our privacy policy and/or this privacy statement. You should therefore check our

website regularly for any amendments.

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